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When buying a Chihuahua Puppy, be aware of the Scams out there!!!
If you have been searching through the hundreds of Classified Adverts for a Chihuahua Puppy, please be aware of some of the following Scams:-

1. The worst scam is where you will find an advert offering a 'Pedigree' Chihuahua Puppy for sale at a ridiculously low price, and often with the seller willing to 'ship' the pup to you by Pet Courier anywhere within the UK. The advertiser will ask you for a deposit of between 200-300(or more!) up front in advance of 'shipping' and ask that you pay the balance in cash to the courier on arrival. If you ask to view the pup, you will not receive a reply! Please note that in 99.999% of these cases, there is not a puppy for sale at all, the advertiser probably does not even live in the UK and probably does not even own a dog, and no puppy will be delivered to you once you have paid your money, and you will not be able to get your money back. I have found that some of these scammers have even pinched real breeders' pictures of their pups to use as their own. This has happened to me, I have found pictures that I have personally taken of my pups, on the internet being used by scammers to sell my pups as their own, at less than half the price my pups are advertised for sale for by me. So, if you find an advert offering a Chihuahua for sale at a ridiculously low price (such as below 500), please be VERY cautious, and do not send any money without first seeing the puppy within its' home environment, where it has been reared, alongside the parents of the litter.

2. Another scam, is where so called 'breeders' are advertising Chihuahuas for sale at full price, and claiming that the mother was sent to a quality  Chihuahua stud dog, so the dad cannot be viewed. Please be very wary of this, as it 'may' be that the puppy is a cross breed. The pups may look very cute, and the mother to the litter, who is viewable, may well be a pure Chihuahua, but you will not be happy when the pup grows up to look like a Jack Russell, or as big as a Chow Chow for example. By then though you will probably have come to love your new pet and will not be in a position to part with him/her. Just be careful, and if absolutely possible, always ask to view both parents when you view the pup.

3. Similar to number 2 above, but the person selling the pup may be saying that they purchased the pup a couple of weeks earlier, but cannot keep him due to allergy or other circumstance, therefore you will not be able to view either of the parents. Again, just be wary as this may be someone who did actually breed the pup themselves but they don't want you to see the parents, for whatever reason, perhaps the parents are not pure Chihuahua . If a seller is genuine, they will be willing to give you the details of where they purchased the pup from themselves so that you can check this out for yourself to satisfy yourself the pup is genuinely a true Chihuahua.

3. Many people are currently advertising Chihuahua cross-breeds with cutesy breed names such as:-

choodles (cross poodle/Chihuahua)
chipins (Chihuahua crossed with miniature pinschers)
Chinese Chihuahuas (crossed with a Chinese crested which are not related to the Chihuahua, contrary to belief)
chussles (cross Chihuahua/jack russel)
chugs (cross Chihuahua/pug)
cheekinese (cross Chihuahua/Pekinese)
chesties (Chihuahua crossed with west highland terrier)
and so on...

and selling them at 3-400 plus. Please think carefully, do you really want to spend such good money on a mongrel ? which in effect, is exactly what you are doing. These 'breed' names are purely made up and have no place in the greater scheme of dog breeds, they are purely mutley mongrels. Do you or the breeder really know what the pup is going to look like when it is older? how big s/he is going to grow ? will he have defects due to the size or shape etc ?  what sort of a temperament will s/he have ? What breed traits/natural instincts will the pup inherit ? The breeder may be being honest in telling you what the cross breed of the pup is, but the fact is they are totally over-selling a mongrel and exploiting the Chihuahua Breed. If you are unsure, you could always contact the Kennel Club to ask them if there is a such a breed.

4. T-Cups. There is no such thing as a T-Cup Chihuahua breed of dog. People use this phrase purely to sell their pups as fashion accessories and celebrity handbags etc. . The fact of the matter is, a Chihuahua pup may look very cute sitting in a little bone china t-cup, covered in diamantes (or not depending on your stance on this!), but they are NOT going to stay this size. A healthy, small Chihuahua adult will be at least 3.5lbs in weight, a good size will be 5lbs in weight, and this size of adult is still a very good size of dog for carrying around and warming your lap.  If you are buying a pup advertised as T-Cup, I would steer clear, but if you are interested in viewing the pup, then ensure you are able to look at both the parents of the pup to see their adult size and to get an idea of the size that the pup may grow to, and if possible compare the sizes of all the pups in the litter.  Yes, some Chihuahuas do grow very little as the develop, and will become very small adults, One of my bitches produced a puppy that weighed only 50grams when born, we did not expect her to live, but she did, and she grew up to be the smallest little adult we have ever seen, but I did not exploit the fact and sell her as a T-Cup.  Any pup which does not grow more than say 3-4lbs in weight as an adult is not going to be a particularly healthy adult dog and will probably have a very fragile bone structure which could cost a lot of money in later life as defects/breaks etc. become apparent. If a 'breeder' is actually advertising their litter of Chihuahuas as pure T-Cup, chances are they are purely exploiting the breed and your money! Beware!







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